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Unpub 9 is March 21-24, 2019. Grab tickets and learn all you’ll need to know here and now!

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Prototype Hotness

As a publisher, the Unpub organization has proven to be invaluable with discovering new titles as well as seeing the state of the design industry and the directions it heads. Unpub has always been the secret in the success of my company, and now it’s a secret no more.

Chris Kirkman

Publisher, Dice Hate Me Games

The Unpub program is an amazing resource. I’ve learned more about game design and the board game industry through Unpub than I have anywhere else. I’ve made more connections with designers than I have anywhere else. I can’t even calculate how valuable Unpub has been to me.

Matt Wolfe

Game Designer

I love UnPub because it gives me the chance to test, test, refine, test, and then refine again – all in the course of three days. Besides, the best and the brightest in indie game development are there, so it’s a chance to talk to the smartest designers I know.

Doug Levandowski

Game Designer

Unpub [events] are invaluable opportunities for game designers to play test and get feedback from other designers, publishers, and veteran play testers alike. They also provide publishers wonderful exposure to hundreds of new, unpublished games looking for a home.

Jason Dinger

Reviewer, Board Game Gumbo