During Unpub 3, I tried my best to make the technology work to do some video demos with some of the designers and publishers. While this didn’t always work on Saturday, I was able to make it work on Sunday and did as many as I could throughout the day.

Today I bring you two games from the duo known as Cardboard Edison. Apart from being great conduits of game design information and inspiration(see their Cardboard Edison site and follow them on Twitter,)Chris and Suzanne Zinsli are game designers as well. They brought Skewphemisms (a party game based on alliteration,) and Tessen (a real time card game that’s interactive, fast, furious, and fun.) In today’s video they talk about both games and show some of the goodness they’ve created.



As of this morning I am happy to report that Tessen has found a publisher! AJ Porfirio has announced this morning that his company Van Ryder Games will be publishing Tessen!

From the press release:

Van Ryder Games, a publisher of card and board games, has secured the rights to publish Tessen from designers Chris and Suzanne Zinsli.

Tessen is a 2 player card game that is simple to learn and plays incredibly fast. Players must manage a hand of cards and collect sets in real-time, all while attacking and fending off their opponent. In a game of Tessen, players will have to move fast and think even faster!

Van Ryder Games is owned and operated by A.J. Porfirio and seeks to publish unique and thematic games. Van Ryder Games has published one game,”If I’m Going Down…” (2012) to date and has others in the works including Tessen and Hostage Negotiator.”

Remember, AJ was part of our publisher panel and brought Hostage Negotiator along for play-testing. This pick-up is a direct result of these two forces being together at Unpub 3! We’re always excited to hear success stories and this one is a winner.

We’ve got the start of next year’s designer panel for Unpub 4!

We’ll keep you posted with news about Tessen as it develops!