During Unpub 3, I tried my best to make the technology work to do some video demos with some of the designers and publishers. While this didn’t always work on Saturday, I was able to make it work on Sunday and did as many as I could throughout the day.

One of the biggest regrets I have about Unpub 3 was that I went into the event so short of sleep that I coasted though the first day, plateaued the first night…and was on an almost constant downward on Sunday.I tell you this because in today’s video it is fairly apparent that I am falling asleep.

Dan Cassar didn’t deserve that. He’s an awesome guy who has shared a few games with the program in the last year. He made an effort to get to the event on the second day and he donated a copy of his recently released Cavement: The Quest for Fire to our door prizes.

We took a few moments to chat with Dan about his highly creative new direction for a game he brought to the Unpub Mini at 7th Dimension last spring. I thought the game was pretty cool then…and now, it’s taken a turn for the awesome! Legos and board gaming is an interesting idea (and obviously very profitable.) To be able to turn his card game into something of a Lego building game is a really cool idea… let me let him talk about it…