During Unpub 3, I tried my best to make the technology work to do some video demos with some of the designers and publishers. While this didn’t always work on Saturday, I was able to make it work on Sunday and did as many as I could throughout the day.

One of the last video shoots I did (though I haven’t been doing these in order) was with Josh Tempkin. Josh is one of the few designers who have been at all 3 big Unpubs. He’s been a longtime supporter of the program and he’s a darn good game designer at that.

He’s had several games in the program over the last two years, but Throne Dice is his biggie and we’re all still hoping you’ll be hearing news of it’s publication someday soon. Always one of the more raucous and tense tables to be at (and just a little messy in a completely thematic and fun way,) Throne Dice continues to be a hit.  Take a look at this video to learn more!