During Unpub 3, I tried my best to make the technology work to do some video demos with some of the designers and publishers. While this didn’t always work on Saturday, I was able to make it work on Sunday and did as many as I could throughout the day.

Mike Young was part of the original group of game designers at the Congress of Gamers in 2010 (which included TC Petty III, Nick Ferris, Josh Tempkin, and others) that really spawned the idea for Unpub. We’ve had a chance to speak with him and play his games at several events. Always an enjoyable experience!

He had submitted Escape from Pirate Island for Unpub 2, even though he would be unable to attend. He was one of my guinea pigs in our blind play-testing area. It failed in a big way, and I’m still apologetic about that. Great news, he continued to see value in what we had to offer and he brought Escape From Pirate Island back to Unpub 3!

Escape From Pirate Island is one of several games Mike has designed and made available through the Game Crafter. Give this new and updated version of Escape From Pirate Island a look and check out some of his other titles.

And…enjoy this video where talks with us about the game at Unpub 3!