Over the past month we’ve watched with joy as 4 games from Unpub 3 announced that they had found publishers. This is awesome news!

First announced was a triple play of games getting picked up by Dice Hate Me Games!  You can read their announcement here.

Belle of the Ball, by Daniel Solis is a card game for 2 to 5 players, ages 8 and up. It received the most plays of any game at Unpub 3, which makes it one of the most popular games we’ve seen in the program. Daniel has been working on it for a while now and entered the game in 2 Unpub events (Unpub 3 and the ProtoZone at the Escapist Expo.) I had a chance to play what seems to be a very different version of the game at the Escapist Expo, which I liked. …But the reactions to this new version far eclipse what I was feeling and seeing from people then. Daniel has, through hard work and repeated play-tests, created something awesome. Trust me, the bidding war that was going to start over this game would have been phenomenal! Look for this one to hit shelves in the early part of 2014.

Benjamin Rosset doesn’t seem to want to rest on his laurels, as his first game (Mars Needs Mechanics) moves closer to hitting the store shelves, he’s now got Brew Crafters in the hands of a publisher.Brew Crafters is the game that was formerly known as Brewmasters which was formerly known as Brewing up a Business. It’s first appearance in an Unpub event was Unpub 3, but it was definitely a success and listed by many as their favorite game of the event.   This time out Ben has created a deeper Euro along the lines of Agricola and Le Havre. Rumor has it that Brew Crafters is definitely more interactive than both of those titles.  Keep yours eye out for this one in the second quarter of 2014.

Coming sooner than both of these is the spin-off game from the wonderful VivaJava: The Coffee Game by TC Petty III. This time, you’ll be brewing your coffee with dice.  VivaJava: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game is a neat little distilled version of it’s popular big brother. This time your dice are you coffee beans and the choices you make will score you points but might decrease the number of dice you get on a turn. I’ve had a chance to play this one and I’m eager to play it again. TC had VivaJava Dice at the ProtoZone at the Congress of Gamers and also at Unpub 3. We’re happy to see this franchise grow!

Congratulations to all three designers and Dice Hate Me Games for continuing to support Unpub and bring new innovative games to the public!

The fourth game was announced last week by a different company…a bigger less independent company: AEG. They have picked up Jason Tagmire’s Maximum Throwdown which was another huge hit at Unpub 3.  If you were hearing laughter across the exhibit hall, you knew where Maximum Throwdown was being played. There was always a crowd around the table where this game was being played. I didn’t get to experience a real game myself, but Jason sat in for a video moment with us.  Watch the video below to find out more about this game coming from AEG at GenCon this year!

We’re looking forward to having all these games (and the previously announced Tessen designed by Chris and Suzanne Zinsli being published by Van Ryder Gamessee the designers talk about this one!) in the hands of gamers the world over!

We also want to extend a congratulations to Charlie Hoopes of HoopCat Games who secured a distribution deal through Game Salute for his self published title Fill the Barn. It’s a great game and we’re happy to hear that more families will now have access to this little gem!

We haven’t heard anything official yet but there may be more announcements coming in the next few weeks regarding games from Unpub 3! Keep up the good work people!