As we move towards upcoming Unpub events we’re going to preview some of the games which will be exhibited.

Baseball is very often a game played outdoors. Throughout the history of gaming, however, many designers have taken a swing at bringing bats and balls indoors for a bit of tabletop fun. J.W. Wolterman is swinging for the fences with Strategy Baseball a pitch by pitch baseball game that plays in 90 minutes. He’s giving you the chance to play a few innings at Epic Loot Games and Comics on Saturday March 30, from 11am to 5pm!

Let’s let J.W. talk about this game, since I know nothing about baseball…

What was your inspiration for Strategy BaseballI wanted to create a pitch-by-pitch two player game that captured the tension and fun of the pitcher-batter mental game.

What is your favorite part of Strategy BaseballGetting into the head of the opposing player is just plain fun.

To your knowledge, What do other people find most interesting about Strategy BaseballThey enjoy feeling the one-on-one mental game.  They’ve remarked that they really feel like they are “pitching in a real baseball game.”

What has been the most challenging part of designing Strategy BaseballKeeping the playing time down was the most difficult part.  In a pitch-by-pitch baseball game it’s difficult to speed things up without degrading the experience.  I have finally got it streamlined so that an entire 9 inning game can be played in 90 minutes.

What advice would you give to players attempting Strategy Baseball for the first time? You have to focus on every card played.  One mistake can be costly.

What has surprised you most in play-tests of Strategy Baseball? People want to play the Advanced game within a couple of innings of playing the basic game.  They pick up the rules quickly.

People who like___________ will like Strategy Baseball. Why? I haven’t enjoyed any other pitch-by-pitch game, that’s why I created this one.  I would say if you enjoy bluffing games with light tactics, you’ll enjoy this game.

What do you hope to accomplish at Epic Loot Games and Comics on Saturday March 30, from 11am to 5pm? I hope to get a feeling for how this game plays with “gamers”.  I have play tested with baseball fans, but I would like to see how it holds up with people who aren’t baseball fans.

Take you out to the ball game. Come play Strategy Baseball by J.W. Wolterman at Epic Loot Games and Comics on Saturday March 30, from 11am to 5pm.