This past Saturday, 7 designers showed off games at the Unpub Mini held at 7th Dimension Games in Jenkintown, PA.

The snow seemed to keep attendance down a little, but there were still about 25 attendees, who filled out between 40 to 50 feedback forms! This was encouraged by 7th Dimension owner Glen’s generous donation of a box of games and raffle tickets. 6 games were given away to people who submitted forms electronically and in person. Jason Kotarski volunteered to send out games to people randomly selected from all of the submitted online feedback forms, but a small glitch in the system stopped the names and email addresses from being recorded. Sorry about that! Everything appears to be fixed now and should be in working order for the next Event.

As a first time host, (really more of a doorman than a Maitre D’), I had a blast. I could have been better prepared, but I actually found time to play some games. And with one under my belt, I can write a more detailed guide to running your own event. My wife, Anna, proved to be an even more capable host, and served as both raffle ticket taker/feedback collector and photographer. So with that out of the way, on to the pictures!