IMG_5663Unpub is finalizing everything with our upcoming July 7th KickStarter campaign, but we need more help from you… or trusty Game Designers. We need you to think sad thoughts, take a photo, and send it to us!

We are working on something that, we think, is nothing short of hilarious and the sadder the photos the better the pay off. We have received a slew of amazing photos already, but need more (we are greedy when it comes to photos of tears and strife).

This is what we need you to do:

  1. Set up all, or part, of a game prototype you are working on.
  2. Set the mood to be sad, depressing, and lonely.
  3. Sit in that setting, looking as sad as an abandoned puppy (bonus points for tears).
  4. Take a few photos of yourself (or have someone help).
  5. Send those photos to: before Sunday July 6th at 6pmĀ EST.
  6. Check out the Unpub KickStarter on July 7th to see the final product!

That’s all we are telling people for now, we like to keep surprises secret. So a HUGE thank you for those who have already submitted, like the pictured shot of Matthew O’Malley, and an advance thank you to the rest of you!