Unpub is now on KickStarter seeking funding for Unpub 5 and to help aid the entire Unpub Network!


Why KickStarter?

Many people know that Unpub has traditionally been funded, in part, by sales of tables at previous Unpub functions and sponsorships by various businesses or publishers. Unfortunately, while helpful, these were not enough to completely fund the event and the large majority of the expenses were paid from the personal pockets of those running it. By moving to a larger venue (The Baltimore Convention Center) that is also close in proximity to Baltimore, Washington DC and BWI International airport, Unpub will have the opportunity for more playtesters, designers and even more publisher participation. With a great location also comes the great responsibility of ensuring that the event venue is completely taken care of for our designers and playtesters.

In an attempt to help Unpub break even, the main goal is to fund Unpub 5 and to pay for the venue, but also to include a secondary goal to help fund Unpub appearances at major cons such as PAX, BGG Con, GenCon, GrandCon, and more. The main goal of Unpub is to ensure designers receive our support, but many of the invitations to these major cons were regretfully declined due to a lack of funds to send an Unpub representative or designer there. Unpub’s goal is to make sure our designers are at the forefront of these cons by ensuring the presence of the Unpub organization in order to run a smooth event.

The goal is of this campaign is to cover costs for the Unpub 5 venue, event insurance, marketing and materials. Each additional dollar contributed will help ensure Unpub can travel to conventions that have extended an official invitation.