5So, another post about Unpub 5? More tricks? More mind games?
No more teases, no more tricks, just the facts. Unpub 5’s location, date, and more is now finalized. While we continue to work on the schedule, here is the information you have been begging to have since Unpub 4.


Unpub staffer, Stephanie Straw, has worked tirelessly (since the final day of Unpub 4) to secure a new home for the Unpub Program. Her due diligence has paid off in spades as she has secured the optimal venue for us, the Baltimore Convention Center. This venue will give us plenty of room to grow over the foreseeable future.

Unpub 5
February 6-8, 2015
Baltimore Convention Center
1 W Pratt St. Baltimore, MD 21201



launiusUNPUB is incredibly excited to have famous game designer, Richard Launius join us for Unpub 5!

In 1986, Richard’s original Arkham Horror board game design won the Origins HG Wells Best Science Fiction Board Game Award. In 2005 Richard teamed up with Kevin Wilson to redesign the Fantasy Flight Games publication of Arkham Horror, and worked with Kevin and Fantasy Flight Games on several expansions. Since then Richard has gone on to publish the epic fantasy cooperative game Defenders of the Realm with Eagle Games, as well as the Dragon and 3 Heroes expansions. Richard and Kevin Wilson teamed up again to design Elder Sign, another cooperative adventure game set in the mythos of H.P. Lovecraft published by FFG. Also among Richard’s more recent publications are; Season of the Witch, and expansion adventure for Mansions of Madness by FFG, and Dragon Rampage, a competitive fantasy game by Eagle Games. Other games in process of publication include Ace Detective, a story-telling game of Detective Noir in the 1940s from 8th Summit Games, Defenders of the Realm: Battlefields, a strategic competitive fantasy battle game from Eagle Games, Pirates VS Dinosaurs, a swashbuckling adventure game from Jolly Rogers Games, and Run, Fight, or Die! a zombie dice game from Lock N Load to name a few.

Richard will be joining us all weekend for discussions, games, feedback, and more!



5Schedule details are still being finalized, until they are here is the basic day-to-day event schedule of what to expect.

Friday, February 6
Friday kicks off play testing with an all-day DESIGNER ONLY event. A time to play each other’s designs ad learn from industry professionals before the general public hits the tables on Saturday & Sunday.

Saturday, February 7
Public playtesting and open gaming

Sunday, February 8
Public playtesting and open gaming



Hotels in Baltimore are hard to come by, as there is also a convention in Baltimore (not us) the same weekend. With that said, Unpub has secured the following 2 hotels for Unpub group rates:

Days Inn Inner Harbor ($118/night + tax)
100 Hopkins Pl.
Baltimore, MD 21201

Please mention Unpub Network when reserving, otherwise they may tell you the hotel is sold out during that time.

Holiday Inn ($149/night + tax)
301 W. Lombard St.
Baltimore, MD 21201
Our Group Code is UPG.

Please book before January 1, 2015, after this date all available rooms will be released to the public.



Designer tickets for Unpub 5 are SOLD OUT.

Play tester tickets are FREE and we will be allowing play tester registration in October 2014, please check back.