Founded in 2010, The Unpublished Games Network, dubbed Unpub, was a way for board game designers to test their creations and receive invaluable feedback from playtesters. The network is a  constantly growing community of game designers, publishers, players, retailers and artists working towards the creation of new and unique table top games that will keep people entertained for generations to come!  The nucleus of this community is the Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware region (the middle of the East Coast in the United States of America), but our reach and membership is steadily growing across the country.  Unpub’s hope is to create a stronger community of colleagues and friends in game design while promoting the creative projects of our members and encouraging the improvement of their games through play-testing.

So who is in the Unpub Network?

We support the game design and development community by organizing events designed to help unpublished games and their designers receive public play-tests and feedback. These events are open to anyone who wishes to attend and play these games. Players are asked evaluate the games based on their experiences to provide constructive criticism in the form of verbal and written feedback.

Tell me more about Unpub events.

With the exception of a few national events, Unpub is a free program that relies on participant support to grow. There is no fee to join, no fee to maintain, no fee to participate at most events. All we ask of our participants is that they help the program to grow. It is through passionate support of the Unpub ideals that we have gotten this far, and with your support we will continue to grow further.

Who runs Unpub?

Unpub is a certified 501c3 Non-Profit Organization, so by law, it has to have a board to oversee the ins and the outs of the network. Unpub depends on a group of 11 or so people to help maintain the webpage, apps, plan events, and be there for those who are most important, the designers. All of Unpub’s dedicated staff have full time jobs and volunteer out of the goodness of their hearts, and for their love of board games! Just in case you are curious, here is who is in what position or in charge of what for Unpub:

The Unpub Board of Directors

Director: Darrell Louder

Asst. Director: Brad Smoley

Treasurer: Christin Miller

Secretary: Sara Stanziano

Consigliere: John Moller

The Unpub Committee Members

Unpub Prime: Darrell Louder & Lesley Louder

ProtoAlleys: John Moller

Unpub Minis: “Mayor” Ben Beagle

Technology: Greg Miller & Joe Stanziano

Marketing & PR: Brad Smoley & Lesley Louder